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KTI now has a new homepage and new reservation system.
For those registered before 2014/08/19 date, please re- input your information again.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
We apologize any inconvenience might cause you.
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Contact/TEL.075-771-0225 (+81-75-771-0225) FAX.075-771-0226 (+81-75-771-0226)
Welcome to Kyoto Traveler's Inn!

We have been promoting " Spontaneous Kyoto Experience"
for more than four decades and we are committed to continue
serving both first time and repeating visitors to the best local
information packed with festivals, seasonal delicacies,
sightseeing e.t.c., reasonable accommodation
rate and everything that will maximize
the Spontaneous Kyoto Experience....


Please check out Facebook Page and Instagram for updated Okazaki pics. Thanks
As of March 1st 2015, all rooms will be non-smoking or smoking will be prohibited in the rooms .
Kyoto Travelers Inn's homepage was renewed.


Type of rooms(Japanese (2 types) Western (3 types)

Tourist Information

Our recommendations of KTI's surroundings such as Temples, Shrines, Gardens and Places to eat.

Group Tours

Our Wi-Fi Free Seminar Rooms can be a multi-purpose rooms for Conventions, Seminars, Exhibitions, Parties, and so on.  Budoh(武徳殿)Center is within a walking distance and each year we welcome groups for Kendo(剣道), Iaido(居合道), Aikido(合気道), Naginata(長刀)and other Budoh Sports
OA equipments and Video equipments are available at extra costs

Our Halal Policy

We'd like every guest to enjoy Kyoto and we have a list of restaurants which has Halal certificates or Halal friendly restaurants. Please ask at the Front Desk if you'd like the list.

Also, the city of Kyoto has this website: http://www.kyoto.travel/muslim/


Please check out our frequently asked questions

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