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Welcome to Kyoto Traveler's Inn!

We have been promoting " Spontaneous Kyoto Experience"

for more than four decades and we are committed to continue

serving both first time and repeating visitors to the best local

information packed with festivals, seasonal delicacies
sightseeing e.t.c., reasonable accommodation

rate and everything that will maximize

the Spontaneous Kyoto Experience....


Thank you very much for coming back to Japan ( and Kyoto Traveler’s Inn) from October 11th, 2022.  Hope to see repeated / new faces in upcoming year!  Have a nice New Year!
Our cafe is finally re-open.
Dates open this month will be:
11/14 Sun
11/20 Sat
11/21 Sun
11/23 Tue
11/27 Sat   
Bossa nova and MPB Live with Maria and We will serve Brazilian Caipirinha, pão de queijo, esfiha(esfirra), and açaí na tigela  Pão de Queijo 
Bossa nova and MPB Live with Maria and We will serve Brazilian Caipirinha, pão de queijo, esfiha(esfirra), and açaí na tigela  Esfirra 
Bossa nova and MPB Live with Maria and We will serve Brazilian Caipirinha, pão de queijo, esfiha(esfirra), and açaí na tigela  Açai Bowl 
Bossa nova and MPB Live with Maria and We will serve Brazilian Caipirinha, pão de queijo, esfiha(esfirra), and açaí na tigela  Caipirinha Cocktail 

So happy to perform in Kyoto for the 1st time November 6th and 7th - 3:00 p.m ~ 6:00 p.m 91-2 Okazaki Enshojicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606 - 8344 Come join us for some Brazilian music and cocktails! https://www.facebook.com/marisuzzuke

Mari Suzzuke, 27 years

Started singing japanese music at the age of 8 in her hometown, Dourados (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil).

She represented her state in national competitions for eight years and won awards every year, becoming the national champion of Japanese music by ABRAC (Brazilian Union of Japanese Song).

She studied guitar and singing performance at Souza Lima & Berklee Music Conservatory from 2013 to 2017 in São Paulo / SP (Brasil).

Later, expanded her musical activities in Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon (Portugal), and London (UK).

In 2018, she participated in the music video of singer Mateus & Anitta whose theme was about Japan, and the song became a hit with more than 240 million views.

She played several times at Blue Note São Paulo - a Tribute to Amy Winehouse with sold out tickets. Currently active as a singer of Brazilian music, pop and jazz.


Bossa nova and MPB Live with Maria and We will serve Brazilian Caipirinha, pão de queijo, esfiha(esfirra), and açaí na tigela
Friday soft open from 16:00-
Saturday and Sunday (November 6th and 7th)
from 3:00 pm to 18:00pm
Live Time:
Set 1: 15:30 ~ 16:20
Set 2: 17:00~ 17:50

We’re just finished updating all our in room bathrooms.
Happy New Year 2021!
Thank you very much for your patronage in 2020. We’re so looking forward to visiting again here.
We’re closed until January 5th but will open on Jan. 6th.

Attached is the stream live at nearby HeianJingu 
Thank you very much for your constant patronage at Kyoto Traveler’s Inn.
We have decided to have a winter break for the first time almost in 50years from January 1st~4th13th~15th,17th~21st,24th~26th,2021
Please have a safe and peaceful holiday season! Hope to see you in 2021!!!
Kyoto Traveler’s Inn is offering Free Parking for hotel guests during the 2020-2021 Winter Season (advance reservations required). 
We are located in the Higashiyama district, right by the  Ootorii Gate of Heian Jingu ( 200 Meters east )and across Sosui canal by Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art. 
The hotel is surrounded by numerous temples, shrines, gardens and cafes/restaurants and just 15 minutes drive from Kyoto Higashi IC (interchange).
First, make reservations through our home page  or other OTA sites -  Jalan, Rakuten, Booking.com.
Once room reservation is confirmed, please contact us by phone or email to reserve parking space.
Phone  (075)771-0225 E mail  traveler@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp
Click “Go To Travel Campaign” to receive special discounts.
We’re happy to announce that our Online shop is now open. We carry original items, souvenir goods, Eco Bags which can be used as Noren if you purchase several of them.
If you are planning to purchase and if you think the shipping fee is questionable on the site, we’re happy to recalculate and send bill directly. Because of Covid-19, postal situation on each countries vary recently. We’re here to assist to purchase pre- Christmas shopping for your Japan Love people!
Or our email address:
Thank you
We’re gradually ready for re-opening
- Face shield is one of the items

Spotted the same face shield at ABC news
We are featured in '旅人視角'
Thank you very much!
Dear Guests
Boat Ride at Okazaki Sakura Kairo
Starts and ends near KTI(Kyoto Traveler's Inn)
Reservation for Biwako Soui'びわこ疏水'Boat tour' First come First Serve.Reserve at here click.
Dear Guests
We would like to let you know that we’re closed on January 19th~24th,2020 due to maintenance.
Dear Guests
We would like to let you know that we’re closed on December 1st due to maintenance.
Kyoto momiji as of this week....
Sincere condolences to the victims, families, friends, and fans of Kyoto Animation.   We have found this fund raising through Kyoto Journal's Facebook Page.  
*Sosui light up at night has started and we’re waiting for Sakura to bloom...*some nights are completely sold out but some maybe available. First come, first serve basis...  
Higashiyama hanatouro starts today until the17th.  http://www.hanatouro.jp/higashiyama/
We are part of ‘Art Cube’ exhibition at and near Jingumichi agaru sagaru shotengai/ Heian Jingu Area. We are showing the Artwork by Haru Urara 春うらら until March 3rd near Front desk/ Lobby Area.
Dear Guests
We would like to let you know that we’re closed on January 28th,29th,30th and 31st due to maintenance.
Starting April 10th, Antique market at Okazaki Park will start every 10th of the month. Just  a few minutes away from KTI.https://www.heiannominoichi.jp/
Dear Guests
Happy New Year!
We will be looking forward to seeing you this year!!!
By the way, we would like to let you know that we’re closed on January 6th,7th and 8th due to maintenance.
Joya no Kane
Few tips to our guests

To experience, Shinnyodo真如堂 is recommendable. Get there by 11:30pm to que.

真正極楽寺 (真如堂)
〒606-8414 京都府京都市左京区浄土寺真如町82

Other recommendations but just to watch
Chion In知恩院
About 10min. Away on foot

〒605-8686 京都府京都市東山区林下町400

Okera Mairiおけら参り
at Yasaka Jinja八坂神社

〒605-0073 京都府京都市東山区祇園町北側625

About 15-20min. on foot from KTI
mariojumper_kuni came to Kyoto Traveler ‘s Inn

Thank you!!!
Cafe Green Box is closed at December 10th.Thank you very much for your coooperation.
Starting Nov16th for 10 consecutive nights, there are some events at various temples in Kyoto. For details, scan QR code. JuYa means Ten Nights
There will be a big parade by Kabuki actors on Saturday October 27th between 14:30-15:00. Start 14:30 at Minami-za and plan to arrive at Yasaka Jinja at 15:00. You will be able to view the parade on Shijo Street.
On October 22nd Monday, there will be Jidai Matsuri Festival in Kyoto.  The parade will leave the Old Imperial Palace at noon, and will be at Sanjo/Jingumichi at around 14:00. 

Thank you very much for your messages concerning Typhoon #24. We are fine.

Upcoming events around KTI
October 7th: Students Festival at Okazaki Park岡崎公園
October 12th Rimpa Rock lll at Heian Jingu Shrine平安神宮


Dear guests;

Since the super typhoon is approaching, there is no flight coming in or going out of KIX airport from 11am till 6am tomorrow morning.  JR train will stop operating from noon today. 

If you need assistance, please come to the front desk. 

It is suggested that you might want to re- book flight which leaves KIX after 3pm tomorrow.

Free admission on October 26
In order to increase the attractiveness of Kyoto City as an international tourism destination and to plan the further promotion of tourism, Kyoto City will impose a municipal accommodation tax on all guests staying within Kyoto City limits starting on October 1, 2018. The municipality plans to use the tax revenue to conduct a more balanced method of city planning to make Kyoto both a favorable place to live and to visit.
We will continue to do our best to satisfy each guest’s needs and fulfill satisfaction.

Kyoto Traveler's Inn
Special Exhibition「 Costumes, Items and Cultures of Geiko and Maiko 」
Admission Free
Time 9:00~17:00
July 13th on Shijo St. Following schedule for Gion Matsuri
7/14-16 Byobu Matsuri in the neighborhood of the Hoko area
7/15Yoiyoiyama, 7/16 Yoiyama
streets are blocked at around Hoko areas.
7/17 AM- Junkoh巡行Parade
Non stop over 30hours of rain brought us some warnings and evacuation but our location is no problem at this moment
Please change languages at upper area of the page
Be safe and dry as possible
Thank you very much for your concern regarding the earthquake from this morning. Some transportation system is not operated in Kansai area. Please be alert and be safe as possible.
One of the frequent requests from our guests is to Rent Kimono and Photo Shoot while in Kyoto possibly closed by. We find one at @smile_photo_office which is only 5min walk away from us. 
天神さんTenjin Market at Kitano Tenmangu We called that market as Tenjinsan Wordpress
Special Azelia viewing in Keage this weekend http://www.kyoto-okazaki.jp/sp/event/event20180418170322
Up date! WordPress Blog
Yae Sakura八重桜 should be able to see at Keage Station蹴上駅, Mayuyama Park円山公園, and Kiyamachi Dori木屋町通り.

If you are cherry bomb, try Haradani原谷, and Ninnaji Temple仁和寺.

Will report Sakura 桜at Heian Jingu平安神宮 soon.
Fushimi Inari Kyoto Traveler's Inn Wordpress
Free admission to Maiko dance at Fureaikan this weekend!
Only a few minutes walk from us.
Setsubun Festival at Yoshida Jinja on February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th
We are featured  in ‘ 11-reasons to visit Kyoto in 2018 ‘  by Dr. Scott Haas


Ghost started at Rohm Theater Kyoto which is 3minutes away from Kyoto Traveler’s inn. 

From Jan 14th through February 4th.

Ghost Themed Art works  are presented by Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Belgium and Korean Artists. 

Free Admission. 

All of their works are fabulous!!

Kyoto Traveler’s Inn is sponsoring ‘Ghost’

Shohin Bonsai Gafuten Jan 11-14 at Miyako Messe

* pictures are from previous years
Thank you for your patronage at Kyoto Traveler’s Inn. Hope you have a great new year 2018!

Joya no Kane除夜の鐘 hours within walking distance from KTI

Shinnyodo 23:45-
Konkaikomyoji 23:30-
Chionin 22:40- observance only
Kodaiji 23:50-
Nanzenji 23:30
Eikando 23:30-
Shorenin 0:00-
Yasaka Jinja okera mairi 19:30- early morning
Yesterday ToniToni bldg opened up right next to Heian Shrine. About 7min walk from Kyoto Traveler’s Inn.http://1022.kyoto.e.adg.hp.transer.com/
Will plan to write on this from time to time. https://kyototravelersinn.wordpress.com
by Mr. Anthony Dennis Thank you.
Please,KTI Blog Review it.https://kyototravelersinn.wordpress.com
검토하시기 바랍니다.고맙습니다
by Mr. Anthony Dennis Thank you.
謝謝 繁体
DEUTSCH Lesen Sie bitte.
Vielen Dank
S'il-vous-plaît évaluez.
Je vous remercie
SPAINPor favor revise.
ITALIA Per favore ricontrolla.
We have found an interesting Eco Tour in Shiga. If you are interested in, Please contact and arrange it before your arrival.  It is a wonderful Eco Tour including Mt. Hiei, Okishima, Harie, and Miho Museum.
During your stay,Please review us.Free get Post Card if you preset your post at the FrontDesk .1.TripAdvisor Kyoto Traveler's Inn 2.Instagram for kyototravelersinn #kyototravelersinn #kyototravel 3.Facebook Like on Kyoto Traveler's Inn
100yen bus Okazaki loops will take us to ChionInn, Gion Area. The bus stop is at in front of the Zoo, 1 min walk from KTI
现在我们接受 ALIPAY
#kyototravelersinn #kyoto https://instagram.com/p/BVOfNkGgxQb/
New shipment for our mural motif coin purse. 6 patterns of Peony, Chrysanthemum(itokiku), Jade, Dahlia, Furong, Camellia, 6 patterns 12 pictures(front and back have different patterns) 1296yen including tax. Only available at Kyoto Traveler's Inn. Made by Ki-yan Stuzio
Dear Guests, Kyoto Traveler's Inn and Cafe Greenbox will close in June 4,5 and  9 due to the maintenance.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
We are featured in http://www.mrjocko.com/2017/03/review-kyoto-travellers-inn-hotel.html
with Ki-Yan and Team https://instagram.com/p/BQejg23h5Ee/
During your stay,Please review us on TripAdvisor. Free cup of UjiMatcha Tea or Coffee if you preset your post at the Front Desk.1.Trip Advisor Kyoto Travelers Inn2.Instagram  for kyototravelersinn  #kyototravelersinn#kyototravel
Cafe Green Box will be closed at January 17th.Thank you very much for your coooperation.
2017/1/ 9
Dear Hotel Guests,

 Happy New Year! Hope 2017 brings you lots of happiness, good health and prosperity.

Starting January 9 Kyoto Traveler's Inn will be renovating some area of the facility.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused. Please be informed that utmost efforts will be made to limit the amount of noise or disruption during the construction, and that our highest priority will be your safety.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this renovation project.

Construction Period
1/9/2017 to 2/9/2017
Hours 9 am - 6 pm


Happy New Year.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 19th and 20th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 15th and 16th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 14th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Cafe Green Box will be closed at December 13th.Thank you very much for your coooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 11th and 12th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Celebrate Chinese New Year at KTI!Special promotional offer from 27 January (Friday) to 5 February (Sunday),
2017.Stay consecutively and get 10% off 2nd night, 20% off 3rd nights, and 30%
off for the rest of your stay until 5th February 2017. Promotional offer
includes daily breakfast (Continental or Japanese)*A Non-Refundable Deposit of 30% by credit card is required with
reservation.To take advantage of this promotional offer, please contact us by emailEmail:traveler@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp
including the following information.
Subject: CNY2017 special promotion
-Desired Date
-Room Type
-Number of rooms
-Number of guests per room
-Name of all guests
KTI will send an URL for deposit payment by credit card upon acceptance of the above information.

Once deposit payment is verified, KTI will send booking confirmation to the guest.

Here are some of the festivities and events happening during this time period.

January 25th Hatsutenjin at Kitano Tenmangu (Antique and Food Fair)

February 2-4 Setsubun Sai Festival at Yoshida Jinja which is 3 stops away by
bus route 201,206 or 30min. on foot.

February 3rd Setsubun Sai at Heian Shrine which is 5 min. on foot from KTI

*room rates including tax, service fee and a choice of Japanese or
Continental Breakfast Applies January 27th-February 5th

Twin room (1-2ppl) 12,700yen(except Saturday), 14860yen (Saturday nights)

Triple room ( 1-3ppl) 174,30yen(except Saturday), 20,670yen(Saturday nights)

Superior Twin room 17,430yen(except Saturday), 20,670yen(Saturday nights)

Japanese 6 tatami mats room (1-2ppl) 11,620yen(except Saturday)

12,700yen(Saturday nights)

Japanese12tatami mats family size room (1-6ppl)

34,050yen(except Saturday)

38,100yen(Saturday nights)

Superior SOU-SOU room (1-2ppl) 17,430yen(except Saturday)

20,670yen(Saturday nights)
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 8th and 9th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 6th and 7th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 11:00-14:00 Dec 4th and5th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Hours at Cafe Greenbox will be 12:00-14:00 until June 30th. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
2016/04/16 Kyoto Traveler's Inn got featured at NAKED HUNGRY TRAVELLER
Kyoto Traveler's Inn got featured at Boston Globe.
We are featured in 'Sugar and Cream' magazine. Thank you very much!
Kyoto Traveler's Inn will be closed from January 24th through 29th due to annual maintenance.And aiso Cafe Green Box will be closed from January 24th through 31st.Thank you very much for your coooperation and see you in February!
We are featured in 'Wanderlust ' magazine. Thank you very much.http://www.thailand.wanderlustmag.com/mag/0832699001448881480?page=64
Cafe Green Box December monthly soup menu.#2Potage Soup with Kujo Negi Scallions and Satoimo Potatoes. Soft and tender texturesof KujoNegi Scallion and Satoimo Potato will be the key to this December special soup.
Cafe Green Box Decmember monthly soup menu.#1Asian-inspired Chicken Soup with Seasonal Vegetables.Enjoy this secret blends of spices Chicken soup during the hustle and bustle season.You will be surpried to see the Chicken Drumstick will melt in your mouth.
Cafe Green Box November monthly soup menu.#2Tomatoes Creamy Stew. Creamy Stew with Tomatoes,Potatoes,Carrots and Chicken.Tomatoes are the key on this soup.
Cafe Green Box November monthly soup menu.#1Spicy Carrot Soup.(For Vegan) A bit spicy Carrot Soup. Cottage cheese on top as an optional choice.
October GreenBox Open 11:00~15:00 Thanks.The others Open 11:00~20:00
Revised Video from Kyoto Traveler's inn.For those who never been to Kyoto or Okazaki district of Kyoto before...... Happy to assist for anyone who is thinking about visiting Kyoto.https://youtu.be/lLpPknwQ96I
KTI now has an exciting media exchange program with Kafu(花風)Thank you very much for including us, Kafu -san.http://kafu.co/media/
Cafe Green Box September monthly soup menu.#1Chilled Butternuts Potage Soup.(For Vegan) #2Okra and Prawn Thai Soup with Nampler
Cafe Green Box August monthly soup menu.#1Chilled Eggplant Potage Soup. #2Gazpacho(For Vegan)
Cafe Green Box July monthly soup menu.#1Chilled Zucchini Potage Soup. #2Chilled Chicken Soup with 4kinds of Summer Vegetables(Zucchini,Moroccan kidney beans,Cucumbers and Manganji Peppers)with a bit of homemade Sansho paste
06/22 and 06/23 Cafe GreenBox Open 11:00~15:00 Thanks.
Please check out Cafe Page for updated. Thanks
Cafe Green Box new menu

Our soups are made from locally produced vegetables mainly organic from Ohara, Kyoto.
Seasonal Bread selected from a local bakery and Kyoto style coffee blended by local coffee house.

Enjoy picturesque Okazaki district during your visit. 

Soup by Volver
Bread baked by Breadhouse Bamboo
Coffee blended by Kyowa Coffee
Teas selected from Austria, Germany and the States.
Please check out Facebook Page and Instagram for updated Okazaki pics. Thanks
As of March 1st 2015, all rooms will be non-smoking or smoking will be prohibited in the rooms .
Kyoto Travelers Inn's homepage was renewed.

Rooms(All rooms are non-smoling)・Facilities

Type of rooms(Japanese (2 types) Western (3 types)

Leaflet Download(pdf file)

Tourist Information

Our recommendations of KTI's surroundings such as Temples, Shrines, Gardens and Places to eat.

Group Tours

Our Wi-Fi Free Seminar Rooms can be a multi-purpose rooms for Conventions, Seminars, Exhibitions, Parties, and so on.  Budoh(武徳殿)Center is within a walking distance and each year we welcome groups for Kendo(剣道), Iaido(居合道), Aikido(合気道), Naginata(長刀)and other Budoh Sports
OA equipments and Video equipments are available at extra costs

Our Halal Policy

We'd like every guest to enjoy Kyoto and we have a list of restaurants which has Halal certificates or Halal friendly restaurants. Please ask at the Front Desk if you'd like the list.

Also, the city of Kyoto has this website: http://www.kyoto.travel/muslim/


Please check out our frequently asked questions

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