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Terms and Conditions

(Application of the regulations)
1.The contract relevant to the accommodation article and this which Kyoto Traveler's Inn concludes shall be based on these terms and conditions, and in case of the matter which is not set to these articles shall be based on principled legislations and customs in Japan.
1-2.Kyoto Traveler's Inn has a possibility to comply with a special contract within a reasonable purview, not contrary to legislation and customary law.

(Reservation Refusal)
2.Kyoto Traveler's Inn may refuse to let you stay in the following reasons.
(1)When a reservation isn't followed by these terms and conditions.
(2)When there is no available room due to fully booking.
(3)In the reasonable opinion of person acting in authority the prospect is not fit to stay. Such as a person who is likely to disturb or harm other guests, and there is a possibility to act contrary to regulation, the public order.
(4)When a prospect who has a clearly infectious disease.
(5)When there is an irrational burden which exceeds a reasonable purview to stay.
(6)Exceptional circumstance which are natural disaster, facility failure and any other unavoidable incident.

3.Kyoto Traveler's Inn may ask a prospect for the reservation to clarify following details.
(1)Name, address, gender, nationality and occupation of staying guest.
(2)Kyoto Traveler's Inn defines the information is necessary to be reported for an important reason.

4.Traveler's Inn may charge advance deposit of reservation in certain period, for maximum amount is your staying days. (e.g. over 3nights booking will be charged for 3days of room fee)
4-2.When it corresponds to the law of the following articles, the deposit will be applied for the penalty of breaching of contract, and the balance will be returned.

5.This can be calculated from the date of amendment / cancellation to the date of arrival, alternatively one set fee. In case of a 15 persons group reservation (more than 15~49 persons), if it is a partial cancellation less than 10% of reserved number of persons(rounding up) on 10 days before the arrival date, Kyoto Traveler's Inn will opt another definition for the penalty.

Rate of Cancellation fee

Number of person/ Date of cancellation No show On the day of arrival 1 day prior to arrival 2 days prior to arrival 3~7days prior to arrival 8~14days prior to arrival 14~30days prior to arrival
1~14 100% 100% 50% 30% 10% - -
15~49 100% 100% 70% 50% 30% 10% -
50~99 100% 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 10%
100~ 100% 100% 90% 80% 70% 50% 30%

5-2.Kyoto Traveler's Inn may cancel the reservation if the guest does not show by 20:00 pm on arrival date without informing us. ( or 1 hour past from the arrival time which was priory confirmed to us)

7.Please register at the front desk check-in
(1)Name, address, gender, nationality and occupation of staying guest as article 3. (1).
(2)Passport No. and arrival date to Japan. (For foreigner)
(3)Departure date and time
(4)Any other things which is required by Kyoto Traveler's Inn 

8.Room is available to the guest from 15:00pm until 10:00am. For consecutive stay, guest can use through out the day except arrival date and departure date.
8-2. Kyoto Traveler's Inn charge extend fee after 12:00 (noon) over the check-out time.
550 yen/ person/hour (including Tax)

(Business Hour)
9.Open hours 

10.By Japanese yen or usable credit cards or coupon which are supported in Kyoto Traveler's Inn. On arrival or when Kyoto Traveler's Inn asks, pay at the front desk.
10-2.Guest must pay after check-in even without staying at the room.

(Rigid Observance of Use)
11.Guest must follow regulations which are displayed in Kyoto Traveler's Inn.

(Refusal of extend stay)
12.Kyoto Traveler's Inn can refuse guest's extending stay even it's within reservation period in the following case.
(1)In the event of the article2 (3)-(6) in this contract are applicable.
(2)Who is not following the above articles
(3)When a person who requests to stay at Kyoto Traveler's Inn is heavily intoxicated, and then the person acts improperly or will disturb to other staying guest.
(4)Against the prohibition matter (it restricts to a required thing on fire
prevention.) such as mischief to a fire extinguish equipment, smoking cigarette on the bed, etc., in

(Responsibility for Accommodation)
13.Kyoto Traveler's Inn will be liable to our accommodation, which starts either earlier time when the guest had check-in or entered the room until that guest check out for departure.

(Obligation of Kyoto Traveler's Inn)
14.Kyoto Traveler's Inn will compensate the damage if we have been negligent
or have been in breach of any other relevant law.
14-2.Although Kyoto Traveler's Inn received approval safety mark from the fire-fighting organization, we've joined Hotel(Inn) General Liability Insurance in order to cover any fire emergency etc.,.

15.In case a prospect uses Kyoto Traveler's Inn parking lot, we provide only the place therefore whether the person deposit the car key with us or not, we have no liable to care and custody of cars. However, as our responsibility for maintaining the place, any damage and expenses caused by either our negligence or unfaithful acts shall be compensated to the claim.

(Liability of guest)
16.Kyoto Traveler's Inn can be able to make the compensation claim to the guest for all damage by negligence and unlawful behavior of the guest.

Terms and Conditions
So that all guests, patrons, and staff may safely and comfortably enjoy the facilities and accommodations at Kyoto Traveler's Inn ("KTI"), you as a guest / patron of KTI hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions onsite:
While we do not expect any emergencies to happen, you will make sure to know where the emergency exits are located on each floor.
You will also upon arrival review and make sure you understand as well as can comply with the escape plan posted on the back of your KTI room entrance door. You will immediately contact the KTI Front Desk if you do not understand or cannot comply with the escape plan.

You will not bring following items:
 Items with strong odors
 Items with off-flavors
 Items which emit a high-pitched tone
 Items which emit loud noises
 Volatile oils
 Cooking equipment
 Heating equipment
 Firearms and Swords
 Illegal substances
 Anything which exceeds common sense
 Anything which threatens the safety other guests

You will refrain from the following conduct without express written approval by the KTI staff:
 Anything which might cause a fire
 Distributing advertising material
 Selling goods
 Activities which violate community standards / morals
 Playing loud music
 Moving in an energetic or loud manner
 Inviting visitors to your room or letting your room be used by anyone other than yourself
 Removal of anything from the accommodations or facilities
 Using the public baths if you have tattoos, sores, or anything other medical conditions
 which might put other guests at risk
 Using the public baths or your private room bath while under the inflence of alcohol, drugs,
 medications, or illegal substances
 Disposing of anything in an inappropriate manner

Minors may not use KTI's accommodations without a signed, dated written approval by a parent or guardian kept on file by the KTI staff.
KTI is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any of your personal items unless those items are held by the KTI staff at the Front Desk during the period of your stay.
If the KTI staff finds items you have left behind, we will attempt to hold them for 30 days. Afterwards, they will be handled according to the Lost Goods Act.
You shall contact the KTI Front Desk should you need to change the number of nights you plan to stay so that we can adjust your payment accordingly.
You shall review and pay your bill upon the request of the KTI staff
KTI is not responsible for assisting you with personal costs or activities such as -- but not exclusively -- shopping, tickets, cabs, stamps, or shipping
Violators of these Terms and Conditions may be banned from KTI's facilities and accommodations and may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
KTI reserves the right to refuse service and access to anyone.
Severability: If a provision of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions in that jurisdiction or any other jurisdiction.
If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact the KTI staff.

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