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Contact/TEL.075-771-0225 (+81-75-771-0225) FAX.075-771-0226 (+81-75-771-0226)

Group Trips

KTI welcomes group trips throughout the year. We are surronded by many cultural sights and walking distance from Butokuden (Budoh Center). which is near the Kyoto Marathon route.


Seminar Room (2nd Fl. 100㎡)

Japanese-tatami room (3rd Fl. 50㎡)

Seminar Room (2nd Fl. 100㎡)
Multi-purpose space for meetings and/or exhibitioons.
Audio Visual equipment available upon request with additional cost.

Japanese-tatami room (3rd Fl. 50㎡)is available for parties and/or meetings.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the KTI premises and you can use your own PC, tablet or smart phones.

●Rooms may be rented out for a maximum of 3 hours.

4/1~3/31 weekday day before holiday
(Tatami Rooms)
Bed without meals 4400Yen~ 4950Yen~
Bed and breakfast 5390Yen~ 5940Yen~
Half board 7590Yen~ 8140Yen~
Triple Bed without meals 4950Yen~ 5500Yen~
Bed and breakfast 5940Yen~ 6490Yen~
Half board 8140Yen~ 8690Yen~
Twin Bed without meals 5500Yen~ 6050Yen~
Bed and breakfast 6490Yen~ 7040Yen~
Half board 8690Yen~ 9240Yen~

Per Person(Including Tax)
※Prices will be vary depends on th eseason, please contact KTI for rates and availability.

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