Western Rooms ( Superior Twin, Standard Twin, and Standard Triple), Japanese Rooms(6 and 12.5 Tatami Rooms)and wheel chair access free rooms are available at Kyoto Traveler's Inn(KTI). We offer free wi-fi to our guests. Please contact the front desk for login details.

Check-In *Front Desk is open 24/7
Parking(advance reservation required)
2000yen plus tax/per day

Western Rooms (with private bathrooms)
All rooms are non-smoking.


Standard Twin rooms: 9rooms 16.9㎡
Standard Triple rooms: 21rooms 19.7㎡
Art Concept rooms: 8rooms 16.9㎡

Japanese Tatami Rooms (with private bathrooms)
All rooms are non-smoking.

ゲストルーム 6 tatami rooms: 28rooms
12 tatami rooms: 8rooms

Please make your own Japanese style bed.
Two important things to keep in mind while staying in the Tatami rooms. Tatami mats are very delicate and easily damaged, please do not drag luggages on them. Hotel guests need to prepare their own futon beds.

Picture shown is the family style room at KTI.
Futon preparation is done by the guest.

Superior Twin Rooms(with private bathrooms)non-smoking


・Superior Twin rooms: 2rooms 19.7㎡
We also have a wheel chair accessible rooms as well.

toothbrush, soap, shampoo conditioner, Yukata Bathrobe, Bathtowel, Face towel, Hair Dryer

Items may available at limited quantities at the Front Desk:
Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Iron and Trouser Press